Thank you so much for catering our daughter's backyard graduation celebration. There are three things we look for when we get a party together. These are 1) reliability to arrive on time, set up and be prepared; 2) the order is exactly to specification and 3) honesty and integrity in delivering the food that is just plain great!. Mikie, you and your staff have done this for us time and again, without deviation.

We are so proud of our daughter and proud to have you contribute to a great success.

All the best and good luck and good fortune for many more years of service.

Florene & Marlon Quan

Dear Mikie D,

Mike, I just wanted to thank you so much for all you did for me on my Wedding Day. First and foremost, the food was OUTSTANDING! When I arrived with Jimmy at the reception, I was completely shocked as to everything you had arranged and organized for us. I was expecting just a run-of-the-mill reception, kinda like a barbecue or something. When I walked through the door and your tuxedo clad wait staff saluted Jimmy and I it brought tears to my eyes. Here I had been expecting superb food, which I'll discuss n a moment =), and just casual servers behind the buffet tables. I felt like a princess as I sat at my table and your waiters served me shrimp and various appetizers from their silver trays. (Now if only the cameras would have stopped snapping, I would have gotten more than 5 shrimp in =)

As I surveyed the buffet tables, the amount of food your staff was serving, all piping hot, was amazing! We had 250 smiling adults, teens and children all lined up for the delicious food. I could not believe all the food that was provided! I know we discussed the menu, but until I was actually there, I didn't realize how MUCH you provide! I had many comments, and I agree, that it is very rare to attend a wedding reception and actually be full! My guests were beside themselves at the QUALITY and QUANTITY of the food! I think my big Uncle Bob ate for 10 and there was still plenty!

Oh my! Can I please talk about the deserts?!? Besides my beautiful cake your array of cheesecakes and fruit and cookies were Phenomenal! The cheesecakes with fudge, caramel and strawberry topping were a smash! I think someone had to wrestle my diabetic Grandmother to the floor to stop her from storming the table. I know I must have gained 10 pounds just looking at the scrumptious display.

My wedding reception was and is still the talk of the town! It has been almost 4 months and I still get comments from people about the delectable assortment of food they had the privilege of sampling that day. To be perfectly honest, I picked you because you were inexpensive, but let me tell you, so many people think I paid an arm and a leg to have 250 guests catered that day, with all the choices. Little do they know, that my rehearsal dinner at that fancy restaurant, for 60 guests, cost more than my whole reception.

One last thing before I end. I just wanted to thank you for dealing with the situation that arose when we arrived. When I walked in and was preparing to be announced for the first time in public, the caterers that arrived for the hall after our use were quite nasty and annoyed that we were there. It was a mistake on the hall's part for double booking. I was close to tears when you stepped up and dealt with them. I'll never forget you turning to me and telling me not to worry that I would have my reception the way I wanted it and that you would see to it that you would not leave or budge until every one of my guests was gone. That really meant so much. We bride's have enough to deal with on that day without someone trying to cut our receptions short!

So it is with great thanks that I drop you this line, just to let you know how special you and your professional wait staff made my day. Thank you for being a part of it and thank you for all you did!

Much love and thanks,

April and Jimmy Dynarski

P.S. The punch fountains were a huge hit with the children...and adults!

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